Moriko is a beginner trainer who is from Hoenn.


She is very shy,being a new trainer. She doesn't like battling currently, being kind of weak.


Moriko wears a black dress with black leggings with boots.(where she lives it's very rainy) She wears black gloves, a red vest, and a hat with a pokeball.


(credit to Chuggaaconroy for pokemon names!)
  • Moegami, her first pokemon obtained.
  • Kappa, her second pokemon obtained.
  • SLAVINATOR, her third pokemon obtained.(she uses it for cut, etc)
  • Teddy, her 4th pokemon obtained
  • Acooltent(some of you might get this :3), her fifth pokemon obtained.
  • Altair, her 6th pokemon obtained


She was born in a forest in Hoenn and her names means child of forest.

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