Izumi is Greenshine's character. Credit to the people who made the pics!


Izumi is very bold and kind; but she can get angry at times. She is from Hoenn.


Izumi is a pretty young girl with blue hair and eyes. She wears a blue turtleneck sweater. In summer, she wears a blue shirt and a blue skirt.


  • Sealeo named Aisu-chan.
  • Kirlia named Dansa
  • Kyogre named Ro
    • Izumi
    • Izumi's Sealeo named Aisu-chan. (1st pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Kirla named Dansa. (2nd pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Kyogre named Ro. (3rd pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Manectric named Shokku. (4th pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Tropius named Tsuri. (5th pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Vaporeon named Ame-chan (6th pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Kingdra named Oshan. (7th pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Solrock named Nikko. (8th pokemon obtained)
    • Izumi's Xatu named Chiroyo-shi. (9th pokemon obtained)
  • Manectric named Shokku
  • Tropius named Tsuri
  • Vaporeon named Ame-chan


  • Kingdra named Oshan
  • Solrock named Nikko
  • Xatu named Chiroyo-shi

Items and PokeballsEdit

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